Jeff Nourse: Three Tips for Being an Effective Leader

Jeff Nourse has long been an effective and respected business leader in the Toronto area. An investor and business owner for over 20 years, Jeff Nourse has led the way in cosmetic services advancement in recent years with the revival of his cosmetic services company, New You Spas. He has learned much over his long career about what it takes to be an effective leader. Here are three tips from Jeff Nourse himself:

  • Take time to know your staff. Many leaders go into their new situation thinking that they will get to know their teams naturally over the course of their work. Jeff Nourse always sets aside time to sit down and talk to his team members to get to know their personal goals and perceived strengths and weaknesses, as well as get a sense of their personality. All of this is valuable information that will help any leader run a team.
  • You can’t make everyone happy. Sometimes the best leaders have to make a choice between making some members of the team happy while possibly miffing others. Jeff Nourse knows that being a leader means making the right decisions for the team and the organization as a whole, and sometimes that means making unpopular decisions affecting everyone’s different expectations differently.
  • Stay focused on a few points of emphasis. Your team should know exactly what is expected of them. The less convoluted and simpler your expectations and vision are, the better your team will focus on them.

Jeff Nourse continues to learn from his teams at New You Spas every day.


About Jeff Nourse

Jeff Nourse of New You Spa wants to welcome you, the client, to a variety of high-quality spa services and products that will lead to a whole new you. A leader in superlative spa treatments for many years, Jeff Nourse and New You Spa want to help you look and feel years younger, which is why they offer the latest and most effective spa treatments to every client.
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