Jeff Nourse: Repeating His Success

Jeff Nourse is credited with building the largest and most successful medical spa chain in Canada and the United States. Now he hopes to repeat his earlier success with a brand-new chain of medical spas, called the New You Spas.

The New You Spa, Jeff Nourse says, is a new approach to the traditional spa. “It is all about a brand new and high tech experience,” he says. Each New You Spa offers its clients the use of Apple computers and iPad tablets, which run a computer program called the Clarity UV Visualizer. The Clarity UV visualizer analyzes digital photos of each client’s skin, which reveal any areas of damage. Once the analysis is complete, the New You Spa provides a made-to-order treatment plan, which can then be emailed directly to clients along with a photo.

Nothing like this, Jeff Nourse says, has ever been available in Canada before. “My spas feature the best state of the art technology combined with the services performed by highly trained professionals.”

Jeff Nourse has taken a hands-on approach in creating the New You Spa, guaranteeing his personal vision to the entire enterprise. He created and coordinated the New You Spa’s marketing and advertising campaigns and recruited and trained a skilled, highly professional staff. “I am incredibly proud of my team,” he says.

Jeff Nourse is enormously proud of his new venture, and confident the results will speak for themselves. “Once you walk in to New You, you will walk out with a whole new face, smile, skin, and body.”

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About Jeff Nourse

Jeff Nourse of New You Spa wants to welcome you, the client, to a variety of high-quality spa services and products that will lead to a whole new you. A leader in superlative spa treatments for many years, Jeff Nourse and New You Spa want to help you look and feel years younger, which is why they offer the latest and most effective spa treatments to every client.
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