Jeff Nourse Explains New You Spa

Jeff Nourse is excited to be bringing his clients a new kind of medical spa experience unlike anything that has been seen before. An industry leader, Jeff Nourse has been impressing clients in the spa industry for over 15 years. Below, Jeff Nourse explains why his new medical spa, New You Spa, is something that people should be looking out for.

The Experience of the Founder of New You Spa

Jeff Nourse is an impressive entrepreneurial figure in Canada and the United States. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Jeff Nourse has spent the last three decades accumulating knowledge and experience in a variety of roles and industries. Jeff Nourse has worked in international retail and medical executive management. In addition to that he has gained an expertise in retail chain management, sales, finance, marketing, and human resources. Jeff Nourse is credited in building two of the largest companies in Canada including the largest automotive supply company in Canada and a chain of highly successful medical spas.

The Highly Trained Staff of New You Spa

Jeff Nourse of New You Spa has proven leadership skills and the uncanny ability, which allows his employees to think outside the box. Jeff Nourse leads a team of sales consultants and spa managers in providing 5-star service to their clients. Jeff Nourse personally recruits, hires, and assists in training his staff members. With his planning and project management skills, along with his human resource strategies, Jeff Nourse is able to lead a team of a truly impressive staff. In fact, 80% of the clients at New You Spa would recommend its services to their friends and family.


About Jeff Nourse

Jeff Nourse of New You Spa wants to welcome you, the client, to a variety of high-quality spa services and products that will lead to a whole new you. A leader in superlative spa treatments for many years, Jeff Nourse and New You Spa want to help you look and feel years younger, which is why they offer the latest and most effective spa treatments to every client.
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