Jeff Nourse Uses Social Media to Expand His Empire

Jeff Nourse is an expert at using social media to increase business at his spa locations. By using social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, Jeff Nourse can get the word out about new spa promotions and new advances in treatments that are being offered. Jeff Nourse is passionate about spreading the word that you do not need to live with damaged skin; there is help to repair it.

Facebook is currently being used by over a billion people worldwide. Jeff Nourse understands that this is a huge number of potential customers. Most people have some kind of internet account, so using sites that allow email addresses to be added for newsletters helps increase business. Jeff Nourse is active in the Facebook community and uses this tool to announce new products and services. By using the “like” button his clients can keep up to date on the newest products and services that Jeff Nourse is offering at each of his spa locations.

LinkedIn is a site that is primarily used to keep in touch with business contacts. Jeff Nourse uses LinkedIn to get the word out about new products and services that are being offered at the spa. Jeff Nourse also uses LinkedIn to create new contacts with vendors who have access to the newest technology. Going the extra mile for his clients is something that Jeff Nourse routinely does to bring them the most up to date products.

By using social media, Jeff Nourse own business New You Spa is able to reach his clients and potential clients quickly and efficiently. This is his way of keeping them up to date on the newest promotions that will be offered at his spa locations. Jeff Nourse can announce new programs and spa openings to a large audience through the use of social media sites. This has made Jeff Nourse an expert at using social media to grow his business.


About Jeff Nourse

Jeff Nourse of New You Spa wants to welcome you, the client, to a variety of high-quality spa services and products that will lead to a whole new you. A leader in superlative spa treatments for many years, Jeff Nourse and New You Spa want to help you look and feel years younger, which is why they offer the latest and most effective spa treatments to every client.
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